Equipped with 8 years of experience in ITSM, Sizram Solutions offers to take over the support and management of your diverse IT services. Our services are designed to meet the customer’s needs of different complexity. We combine mature IT service management and reasonable agility on all the stages of the managed IT support services we deliver to ensure high service quality. We proactively improve service reliability and functionality and scale up our IT support services to meet the needs of your growing business.

Benefits you may pursue outsourcing the work to Sizram Solutions:

  • We offer reasonable rates for our IT support services governed by an SLA with the details of cooperation.
  • We provide our services remotely when applicable to minimize costs.
  • We combine the efforts of different IT specialists (IT infrastructure architects, cloud administrators, etc.) and optimally utilize support resources (both human and IT) to make our services cost-effective for you.
  • We apply mature ITSM processes combined with IT infrastructure automation practices to deliver our services more efficiently without increasing the amount of needed effort.
  • We offer ITSM based on KPIs and SLOs agreed to provide you with an ability to measure the quality of IT support services we furnish..
  • We ensure a high level of your IT infrastructure automation to decrease the time needed to deliver IT modifications.
  • We ensure thorough and continuous application monitoring to make the performance of your applications flawless and find software defects before end users come across them.

We provide complete managed IT support. Our team takes the whole responsibility for keeping your IT infrastructure reliable, maintaining your network performance, managing your virtualized environments, and ensuring a high level of your IT infrastructure cybersecurity with the efforts of our expert information security team.