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For any small to medium enterprise business organizations, it becomes difficult to keep track of the sales and its related operations. Our team of experts did R & D on the product for a long time. Finally, Sizram solutions developed the POS system – an efficient one stop solution for all the organizations like Departmental stores, Medicine/Drug stores, Salon & Spa, Restaurants, Stationary, Mobile and Digital stores and other similar business organizations.

What does POS software do?

  1. A customer decides to buy a product
  2. The POS system calculates the price of the product
  3. The customer pays
  4. The point-of-sale transaction is finalized

While this generic transaction takes place, the system automatically  records the inventory and sales. All the user needs to do is upgrade the stock information. The system will automatically generate the periodical reports according to the inventory and sales.

There are a lot of POS software in the market. Why should you choose ours?

We have developed this as a SAAS – Software as a service product. A lot of small and medium sized business organizations find it difficult to bear the one time huge cost that comes with the software and its service. So, this subscription based software comes at a very minimal and cheap price. Hence, it is an efficient solution with an affordable price.

Video Tutorials

You don't need paid training sessions anymore. In order to better understand the system, following are the module wise video tutorials. Watch it with your team members for better understanding as many times as you need. Cheers !!!


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